Website Design And Website Hosting Based In Cambridge, For Individuals Or Businesses Of Any Size.

Getting a website running shouldn't be so difficult but it often is, thanks to the myriad of choices we are offered by on-screen forms. To the unitiated this is daunting and generally makes you think you'd better pay for more options as you are lured into believing you need them. All the choice is designed simply to make you spend more money when you don't need to. Businesses are of course all about making money but simplicity and honesty is the best base for any business relationship to grow from.

All The Little Fish exists to cut out all the nonsense involved with website design and management, and steer you towards as stress free an online experience as possible. We only have two hosting options for example, a cheaper option, for a smartypants type person who wants to update a site themselves using an HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver, or a slightly more expensive option for someone wanting to use a database driven content manager such as WordPress, or one of their own build, or ours. If you don't know what a database is, or what HTML is it doesn't matter. We do, so a quick conversation with us is all you'll need. You tell us what you have in mind and we'll build a site and get it online and ready for you to provide us with words and pictures to update for you, or for you to update after some instruction from us. Using WordPress or or own system to update a website is as easy as logging into an email system and sending someone an email with a few pictures attached.

'Simple' or 'Everything Including The Kitchen Sink'

We have no bronze, silver or gold packages, it's just 'simple' or 'everything included'. The only extras you may incur over time are extra email message box space if your inbox gets over a hefty 2gb (probably a few thousand emails with photos attached to some of them) but you'll be notified beforehand of how close you're getting to your limit to give you time to delete all those daft photos you've kept in your inbox that you've already saved to your photo library months ago.

'Help When It's Needed'

Some processes are automatic, even installing Wordpress to a hosting package, but if you haven't joined the 21st Century yet and are not used to using the 'interweb', computers in general, or too scared to even turn on an iPad to check email, as mentioned above we will listen to what you want to achieve, guide you to the correct choices and do whatever is required to get you up and running by ourselves without you even needing to switch on a computer.


Ask our team to make a fresh design for you using your thoughts, suggestions and artwork, or ours. We can do everything for you without you filling in forms and can custom build a content manager to help keep your site updated, or use WordPress. WordPress is a good way for a small site to look big without too much fuss. We can show you how to use it or do everything for you,  it's totally up to you.


When you have registered your domain name you will need a hosting account, which is a 'house' for your website to live in so people can come to visit it. Our hosting options are really easy to set up as we do it for you from information you give us from either a phone or email conversation. You don't have to do anything if you don't want to. We give you all sorts of freebies like unlimited email accounts too.


We can register domains for you, in your name, without you filling in forms, but welcome you to set up an account with any of the big registrars and do it yourself if you prefer. It's best for you to be in total control of the ownership of your domains. Whatever suits you suits us too. Remember, a phrase you come up with now could be a trend one day and earn you money by reselling the name at the right time.